This is where we place the text box. Note that this is screen coordinate. Pirateers 2 is 750 px width, and 600 px height. You can create the text offscreen but it will not be visible or partially visible. Finally, set the duration for this text to 1 second. The trigger should look like this in the end: Letsave, and play test our map. Looks good isnit?? You can edit the text box to show additional text likeFisherman Killed: 18by using TextMerge Text. In-Game TimerLast step is to create the timer. To do this, we need to create two triggers, name itTimerandEnd Timer&221;. Letedit the Timer Trigger first. Add a new Timer event, and set the repeat interval to 1 second, and repeat count to 30. Create a new UnitDamage Unit action


Fill the Unit box Cheap CSGO Skins with our 30 HP building, and set the damage to 1. This means, every 1 second for 30 times, our dummy building will receive 1 damage. Create GUIBlinking Text action. Fill the text with TextNumber to Text, and pick UnitHP of Unit. Pick the time counter dummy building (30 HP one). Position this text in 363, 80. Double click the End Timer trigger to edit it. Add a new Specific Unit Dies event, and pick our 30 HP time counter dummy. Add QuestEnd Game action. Fill the time with 1 second. Huzzah, its done! Dont forget to save! Test play it, or share it with your friends?? For practice, you can make a variant to this game. A few example: &211; add time bonus for every kill count. &211; add another building to track killstreak. Letsay when player kill 10 fishermen, several whirlpool will appear at random place


They noticed that the  CSGO Skins pathway to become aBeast Masterin the game was a lot shorter than to become The number of tasks/quests/missions required for the Beast Master path was much smaller than the other routewhich means most people would probably just become a Beast Master and possibly never see a ton of the other cool content in the game, and maybe never realize that the other specialization path even EXISTS. That would be BAD!??Originally, you could find these fire-breathing Phoenix birds on either the grass plains or in the desert overworld maps. When you killed them, they would drop a flaming egg, which you could pick up (if your armor was strong enough) and take back to the Beast Master Mountains entrance to unlock the doorI put in the armor limitation because I didnwant people to be able to accomplish this significant step in the game too early, but what ended up happening is people would just sit there and grind up their armor without exploring the rest of the game because they saw a quest and couldnleave it alone &217;til it was done!