Unlike other games in the  FIFA 17 coins genre this one revolves around a single, literal tower under siege that grows more  complex with each level, and ityour job to build defenses on each floor to contend  with the enemies that come to attack. You can drag these cannons and other weapons  around the tower to change their direction of fire or location, or pull them in to  reload. The result is a fast-paced game of resource management where you need to  react quickly to every threat now, would you kindly play it? Incursion 2 The  Artifact, 2013 (Rating 94/100)I promise this game isnon this list just because I  giggle like a kid whenever I say the developername. Created by booblyc  (heeheeheehee), the Incursion games proudly draw their inspiration from some of the  best titles the tower defense genre has to offer, and the result is one tasty dish  indeed.


You train groups of units pack opening from barracks around each level, directing them  towards your enemies and calling on your hero for help when needed. Unlike other, similar games, Incursion 2 The Artifact allows you to choose what goes into each  group of units pair up a sorcerer with a pair of soldiers, for instance, or throw a  single soldier in front of some archers to act as a meat shield.You need to think  and react fast to the skirmishes happening, providing direction to each group, and  manage your resources carefully if you want to win the war. GemCraft, 2008 (Rating  95/100)I dondo bugs, but even I think building arcane towers to belch forth  destructive magical flames to deal with them is a bit much unless theyas nasty as  these.


Despite several wildly successful sequels, Game in a Bottlefirst title in the  series, called simply GemCraft, remains the highest rated on our site. You use mana  to craft gems of different colours and place them in towers, which in turn defend  you from the swarms of monstrous bug-like creatures attacking your base. Where  things get interesting is in the way different types of gems offer various abilities  in addition to dealing damage, and can even be combined into new types to suit your  needs. Craft together a gem that poisons an enemy with another that slows them down, for instance, or place them into trenches to turn them into traps, which changes the  way they behave again. Ita series thatwidely regarded as being one of the most  strategic and clever for a reason http://www.futglory.com/