Lipton did that used imaging technology to find signs of injury in the brains of players who headed the ball an average of 432 times a year. The more they performed the maneuver, the more noticeable the damage, and the worse they performed on a memory test. The players' concussion histories had no bearing on the results. Lipton said there was a threshold of roughly 1, 000 headers a year under which players seemed to be fine. Even those above that mark were not greatly impaired, he said, leaving the real-world effects of heading unclear

Sports medicine fut packs professor who determined that heading was responsible for roughly a third of concussions suffered by female middle school players, said the current data don't justify such a step. He said a more productive measure would be to ensure that children are using a correctly sized ball that has been inflated properly. Heading is commonplace by high school, though, and parents and players interviewed at a recent game between. I think there's a proper way of heading the ball and an improper way, and if kids are taught at a young age how to head the ball properly, it's part of the gam

Fremd junior FIFA 17 coins varsity coach Chad Jonas was contemplative about the new research. He said he played at a high level for many years, and while he was never diagnosed with a concussion, he wonders if the thousands upon thousands of headers he took came at a price. My memory is not the greatest long-term, " he said. "I don't know if I can attribute that to soccer, but I don't know if I can rule it out either. When you're a soccer player, there's a lot of heading, a lot of impact you take on the head. I think I'd be naive to say it has no effects at all.